Planetary: Mercury


Innermost of worlds, blasted by the sun by day and frozen by night, Mercury remains an enigma. Mythical Mercury was also the messenger and trickster, and known for blazing speed and wit. Here are thirteen tales of science-fiction and the fantastic featuring Mercury.

Throughout history, the planets of our solar system have meant many things to many people; Planetary Fiction explores the themes associated with these heavenly bodies as well as their astronomical, mythological, and in some cases even alchemical significance.


Included in this volume:

In The Palace of Promised Immortality, by John C. Wright, takes place on Mercury itself, yet is also the tale of a traveler not only in time, but alternate worlds.

Schubert to Rachmaninoff, by Ben Wheeler, deals with a messenger braving hazards while traveling across the barren wastes of Mercury.

The Element of Transmutation, by Jagi L. Lamplighter, brings us the mythic character Mercury himself, and the element’s fascination with early alchemists.

The Haunted Mines of Mercury, by Joshua M. Young, brings a man into confrontation with the past while exploring the subterranean tunnels of Mercury.

The Tower of the Luminous Sages, by Corey McCleery, is a tale of fantasy and fantastic travel though strange realms.

Quicksilver, by J.D. Beckwith, is the tale of a crisis on a ship traveling near Mercury.

Ancestors Answer, by Bokerah Brumley, is a tale of a different type of travel: time, in a matter of family honor.

Last Call, by Lou Antonelli, brings us a Mercury of the far future, mined out of its precious minerals and all but forgotten.

Deceptive Appearances, by Declan Finn, brings a tale of rogues and schemes under the domes of Mercury.

mDNA, by Misha Burnett, is a tale of a different kind of messanger: a genetic courier in a desolate wasteland.

The Star of Mercury, by April Freeman, involves bitter rivalry and high technology on Mercury, but most of all, the importance of a child’s life.

Cucurbita Mercurias, by Dawn Witzke, brings us a murder mystery during a crucial phase of the colonization of Mercury.

The Wanderer, by David Hallquist, is a tale of two explorers, one an alien probe, and the other a man researching the interior of Mercury.

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“The creativity and writing talent found in this book is considerable, but above all it is entertaining!” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“An excellent opening act in what promises to be an amazing series filled with well-told and very incredible stories.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

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