Hope is the new genre


Chrome Oxide was created as an internet persona to reflect his collection of music related books, vinyl, CDs, DVDs and cassettes.

He started life with a normal name roaming the wilds of Los Angeles. It didn’t take long before he developed his twin passions of listening to music and reading science fiction and fantasy.

His formal schooling ended with an accounting degree from California State University Northridge. He then attempted to exploit his twin passions by becoming an accountant. Twenty years passed before he realized that seventy hour work weeks didn’t leave him much time for music or reading. At that point he switched careers to computer consulting.

Now with more free time he accidentally became a recording engineer. His recordings are now available on CDs, DVDs and the internet.

Recently, because of inadequate discouragement, he started writing science fiction and fantasy. For the last two and a half years he has been torturing his writers group by learning two bad habits for every one he fixes. They thought he was ready to start submitting stories. He didn’t. You can now judge for yourself. This is his first fiction story published for a wide audience. It won’t be the last.

Books by Chrome Oxide