Hope is the new genre

28 Minutes into the Future by Chrome Oxide

Was there ever a time when the world needed to laugh more than it does right now? Thankfully, the cavalry has arrived. Nine rib-tickling, irreverent short stories take aim at political correctness and blow it to smithereens—in a hail of hilarity.

“I found myself laughing with his tale[s] over and over.”

David Farland, New York Times Bestselling Author; and

Coordinating Judge of the Writers of the Future contest

“…entertainment pure and simple… a welcome breath of fresh air in an increasingly stuffy room…” —Dave Truesdale, Editor, Tangent Online

“It’s terribly hard to write political commentary with such a strong sense of irony.”

The late, great Jerry Pournelle, John W. Campbell Award, Prometheus Award, Seiun Award, Heinlein Society Award,

National Space Society’s Heinlein Memorial Award.

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