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Remembering Whose Son I Am by Clint Hale

What does it mean to be part of a family? Looking at three generations of the author’s family, this memoir considers self-identity in a thematic way. Along with stories about his grandfather, father, and himself, the changes that took place in the 20th Century are considered, showing how these men all engaged the world around them.

Exploring these interactions – personal, familial, and cultural – the Clint presents how one family navigated this tumultuous era.

One reviewer said: “In a warm and engaging manner, Clint invites us all to the family reunion and then regales us with the best of his family’s stories interwoven through three generations of faith, service, family, and exploration. Taking the time to give history lessons along the way, he spins a story of a family and a tale of homespun Americana viewed fondly through the lens of small-town Texas and beyond. By the final chapter, I was nodding along at the importance of telling generational stories and not forgetting how much those who have gone before have shaped those of us who stand today. ”

The story approaches these things in a topical way, rather than chronological, focusing on specific elements, such as marriage, fatherhood, employment, sports, as well as negative experiences like grief and loss. It is a very personal story and one that will resonate with readers, who may use it as a jumping off point to explore their own family history.