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In the Shadow of the Cross by Lou Antonelli

Over a 15 year career devoted primarily to short science fiction, Lou Antonelli was unusual in that he accurately depicted the role of religion in people’s lives. In a nation and era when religion in general – and Christianity in particular – is being oppressed by the opinion leaders of America, Antonelli – who is a life-long journalist – depicted religion as it should be if political correctness in the science fiction field didn’t suppress it.

This collection gathers up stories Antonelli wrote over the years where Christianity plays a role. They range from down home and next door to far flung and in outer space. They remind us that despite the best efforts of a Godless material world, Christianity is a sturdy creed that remains a vital part of many people’s lives.

Included in this volume are:
– The Yellow Flag
– On a Spiritual Plain
– Accidental Witness
– Higher Powers
– Good News for the Dead
– Ghost Writer
– Custodes
– Sol Invictus
– Comes the JuJu Man
– Patron Saint